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Glass Box Unveiling ceremony for conservation of reconstructed 8th century statue of Buddha at National History Museum at Bishkek

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          An unveiling ceremony of the Glass Box for the conservation of the reconstructed 8th century statue of Gautam Buddha was held on 8 July, 2024 at the National Historical Museum of the Kyrgyz Republic in Bishkek. This Glass Box along with the pedestal has been gifted by the Government of India. The unveiling was jointly undertaken by Ambassador Mr. Arun K. Chatterjee, Director of the National History Museum Ms. Zhyldyz Bakashova and Ms. Saikal Amanbekova from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic.


  1. This statue of Buddha was discovered during the excavations that were carried out at three sites of the Krasnayarechka settlements in the Chui region of the Kyrgyz Republic in 2011. It is a well-preserved sculpture of Buddha who is seen sitting in the lotus position and is believed to have been built between 8th and 10th century. The restoration work of the statue was carried out in 2018 and the reconstructed Buddha sculpture is a unique exhibit weighing almost 500 kgs. The statue will be exhibited in the “Monuments of Religion of Kyrgyzstan on the Great Silk Road” Section in the National History Museum of the Kyrgyz Republic in Bishkek.


  1. The Glass Box for the preservation of the statue of Gautam Buddha is a testimony of the cooperation between India and the Kyrgyz Republic in the field of culture.





8 July 2024