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FROM 11 MAY TO 16 MAY 2014

   A delegation from India's National Defence College, comprising of 16 officers of the rank of Brig and equivalent from the three services and Joint Secretary equivalent from the civil services including four officers from friendly foreign countries visited Kyrgyzstan from 11 May to 16 May 2014. The delegation during their visit were given an overview of our bilateral relationship, geopolitics of the region and some glimpses of the culture and traditions of Kyrgyzstan. The delegation interacted with the Deputy Ministers of Defence and Foreign Affairs and interacted with some prominent analysts and think tanks at the Diplomatic Academy of Kyrgyzstan. The delegation after its visit to Kyrgyzstan proceeded to Paris for their next leg of their tour to France.

The National Defence College (NDC) was established in April 1960. National Defence College of India located in New Delhi is the highest seat of strategic learning from Indian Defence and Civil Services Officers of the rank of Brigadier or Joint Secretary. This is a very prestigious course attended only by a few hand-picked defence officers of Brigadier (one-star General) rank and from friendly foreign countries. Each year, approximately 25 officers from countries like the USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Nepal, UAE and other attend the course. This college provides strategic leadership to the government of India in national and international security matters and also acts as a think-tank on defence matters and holds a very important position in shaping up the Indian defence outlook.


Visit to JSC Dastan
Interaction at Diplomatic Academy


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