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Visit of a Youth Delegation from Kyrgyz Republic to India

            A youth delegation from Kyrgyz Republic is visiting India from 17th to 24th  November, 2022, which is taking place at the initiative of India, as an outcome of the first India-Central Asia Summit held in January 2022.

 2.  The India-Central Asian Summit Framework is an effort to reinvigorate and re-imagine the age-old historical and cultural linkages between India and countries in Central Asia including the Kyrgyz Republic.

 3.  Youth leaders, high achievers and influencers from Kyrgyz Republic will have a first-hand understanding of India’s economy; its technological, industrial and research capabilities; as well as, enjoy India’s rich cultural heritage and diversity. The programme will include visits to premier research institutions and Indian companies located in Delhi and Mumbai, call on Indian dignitaries and also a visit to the Taj Mahal in Agra.

 4.  Historically, India and Kyrgyz Republic have enjoyed a continuous exchange of ideas, trade and people. A popular impression of India in Central Asia and Kyrgyz Republic is largely restricted to only Yoga, Buddhism, IT, Indian food, music and Bollywood. The impression carried back by the young Kyrgyz delegates from this visit will add to a fuller understanding of contemporary India.

Bishkek                                                                                                          November, 2022


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